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Why Holistic Healing?

I offer a range of Holistic Services but my passion is people and helping them find their voice, their power and their innate sacredness.

My hope, is that  you discover how to become "Empowered From Within".

My Services

My approach is designed to offer you a range of Holistic Services that complement each other.

They can be utilized together or as stand alone options.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling  focuses on the whole person - Mind, Body, Health and Spirit. By creating a safe space to feel into your issues, your blockages and your body's wisdom I can help you to become Empowered From Within.


My approach blends my life experience, my spiritual beliefs and practices and my knowledge base.


Empathetic, supportive, encouraging and warm, it is my honour to guide you to own your journey. 

Crystal Healing

A crystal healing session provides you with time to sink into the quiet spaces within, and to connect you with your Highest Self.


The power of the crystals will create a gateway into your own energy fields to provide alignment by tapping into where the healing is needed.


This is a powerful time for me to connect and get messages from Spirit and your body to help focus on where the healing is needed.

Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Readings
Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Tarot can be a very useful tool for but not limited to - 

  • Self-discovery;

  • See the patterns within your life;

  • Gaining insight on different situations;

  • May aid in helping with difficult decisions; that need to be made;

  • Find peace;

  • Self-awareness;

  • Gain a new perspective;

  • May help with sage insight into questions;

  • Help to understand if you are on the right track in life.


Meet Natasha


Hello and Blessings,

Welcome to Mystic Mind Holistic Services. I am so grateful you have dropped into my little corner of the world, a place dedicated to helping guide you to your most sacred self.

My name is Natasha and I am the creatrix of Mystic Mind. This is a space created out of my love of all things alternative, and a passion for helping people to see their own magick, to guide them to journey within and to empower them to live their most authentic life.

I am a mum, wife, cancer survivor, wise woman, holistic counsellor, tarot reader, Advanced crystal healing practitioner and The High Priestess of the Eclectic Alchemy Coven. My journey to becoming a holistic counsellor came about after looking into alternative therapies to aid me with dealing with some traumatic events that have taken place in my life. I found that a clinical approach didn’t always provide a well-rounded solution to my specific issues and needs. After much research and soul-searching, I found that a holistic approach was needed. I discovered Witchcraft, Tarot, Crystals and a deep love of the natural world around me.

My own journey of self-discovery has heavily influenced my belief in not only a more holistic way of living and the value it adds to my life, but also how genuinely important it is that I offer this love to those who resonate with this belief, and those who want, as I do, to live an authentic life. I am currently incorporating more traditional aspects via studies.

I can help you through your darkest times as I have been through them too and with what I have learned along the way, I am now able to shine a way beyond the darkness.

  • Do you feel weighed down from being out of alignment with your authentic self?

  • Do you have self- limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours?

  • Do you feel like you have lost your joy for life and that you lack direction?

  • Are you looking for more self-awareness?

  • Are you looking for a more holistic/spiritual path?

  • Do you want a safe space to find your voice?

If this is you, why not make an appointment with me and allow me to be the safe place to enable you to find some peace and direction.

Blessed Be



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