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What does being in alignment mean? I think if we asked 10 different people this question you may find that we would get a variety of versions. So, what does it mean to me? Being in alignment is when what we think, feel, and embody all resonate to the same vibration. It's when how we live directly reflects what it is we believe in. To live an aligned life may look like having a passion for healthy food, growing what you can, buying organic food when you can and eating seasonally. For me personally, creating a business that offers holistic counselling for instance, directly reflects my desire to help people find their authentic selves, and also aligns with my belief in how an integrated holistic approach brought me so much growth and self-awareness.

When we make a conscious decision to bring our life into alignment, we need to be aware that we will be stripping away all the things that no longer reflect our authentic selves. An honest deep dive within allows us the opportunity to become aware of that which is no longer serving us, be it thoughts, behaviours, lifestyles or even our friendship circles. It can be a painful process accessing these aspects, however the quality of life available to us when we are in alignment certainly make up for the uncomfortable honesty needed to pursue this life.

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